Grounds and Surroundings - Huis Bergh Castle
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Grounds and surroundings

Bergh Castle is enclosed by an embankment which gives access to the wooded grounds called De Plantage (plantation). These were laid out in the 18th century. In 1379 Willem van den Bergh granted city rights to‘s-Heerenberg. This will have given rise to the building of defensive works, such as the embankment. This embankment used to have an inner and an outer moat.

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Tuinen Plantage Huis Bergh

Visitors are invited to take a stroll in the beautiful historic wooded grounds. Two carefully designed main avenues offer spectacular views: one of Upper Elten’s St. Vitus church, the other of Emmerich’s St. Martin’s Church. The oldest oak trees in the grounds date back as far as 1785. Douglas-firs, Japanese larks and quite a number of rhododendrons are some of the other trees in the grounds. Rare herbaceous plants include wood anemone, wood sorrel, lords-and-ladies and May lily. Blue toadstool, chicken mushroom and hen-of-the-woods are among the mushrooms to be found in the wooded grounds.

Kaatsbaan in de Plantage

In 1560 count Willem had a ‘kaatsbaan’ installed at the Vinkenborg. A ‘kaatsbaan’ can be regarded as the predecessor of the present-day tennis court. A special long building was erected to this aim, as the counts preferred to play indoors rather than outdoors.

The bridge that led to the long building is still there. The building, appropriately called ‘De Kaatsbaan’ was completely renovated in 1943 and now houses a number of apartments.
In other parts of the Vinkenborg ornamental and vegetable gardens were laid out in the 17th century. In the 18th century a maze was added. It was in this century too that ‘De Plantage’, the wooded grounds, were embarked on in the fields behind the Vinkenborg. All these grounds are now part of the estate of the Bergh Castle foundation.

Hiking and cycling in Montferland

The Achterhoek is the cycling and walking area par excellence! The scenery is often described as a ‘coulisse scenery’: just as on a larger stage, the ‘set’ changes continually. It consists of forests, fields, small villages and now and again a castle.

From several starting points in ‘s-Heerenberg, Stokkum, Beek, Zeddam and Braamt you can start walks and cycle tours way-marked by Natuurmonumenten, a society for the preservation of nature. A detailed map showing these walks is available at the local Tourist Information Centre.
Several long distance footpaths cross Montferland, such as the Pieterpad, the Naoberpad and the Graafschappad.

For more information on tourism in the Achterhoek, please mail to or call +31 (0)316 291404.

Wandelen Bergherbos | foto vvv montferland

Huis Bergh Castle audio tour

Make the most of your visit to Huis Bergh Castle and pick up the free audio tour or download the app. Explore the castle at your own pace and experience 800 years of history. The fascinating tour tells you all about the unique art collection, exciting history and carefully restored gardens of the castle.

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Plan Your Visit

Huis Bergh Castle is one of the largest castles in the Netherlands. Discover the roots of our royal family and enjoy the extensive art collection. Click here for more information on opening hours and ticket costs.

About Huis Bergh Castle

A visit to the town of ‘s-Heerenberg is a breathtaking experience. Once the ancestral seat of the wealthy, influential and aristocratic Van den Bergh family, the castle now houses an impressive art collection.


Give your guests a royal welcome at Huis Bergh Castle in ‘s-Heerenberg, with flags flying, a royal reception on the drawbridge and a warm welcome in the majestic entrance hall.